Inspired by the nature of ants being sociable creatures, at ArtAnt we believe in sharing happiness through art. Art has the power to contribute to the viewer’s journey of self-discovery by magnifying unique, untold stories. We specialise in artwork from emerging Myanmar artists. From the human condition to cultural values, we tell a Myanmar story that will make every piece of art a reason to be owned.  

Working with galleries and artists, we feature a curated selection of artwork from emerging Myanmar artists on our website for sale. We occasionally compliment our online presence with pop-up stores to make the art discovery process accessible to all. 

We also provide complimentary art consultancy services for corporate and private clients, working hand in hand with them to transform their space into extraordinary homes and offices.

ArtAnt is proud to partner EGOS in the setting up of our ArtAnt Showcase at EGOS CoWorking, where we showcase our curated artwork by local Myanmar artists.

To see our full collection of artwork, please visit on online art gallery at .